[Bogoridi Art Gallery, Bourgas, Bulgaria]
MEDIABOX is an interactive audio-visual triptych that allows the viewer while observing the pictures, to activate and mix different musical instruments and thus generate uniquely composed music.
Project team
Antony Raijekov: idea, music, software, sound engeneering
Georgy Raijekov: art director, painting
Stefan Tzenev: hardware engeneering
Ventzislav Dikov: music
Ivan Hristov: digital media processing
Anna Paskaleva: art photography
and Mutant | N0ne | Evgeni Vasilev | pro_01 and many other friends...
The project team thanks to: Bulgarian Post Bank, Media Art Centre Interspace, Teatre laboratory "Sfumato" and the Centre for Policy Modernisation for their support during the preparation of this project.
Copyright - Copyleft
MEDIABOX is free culture work. The software used in MEDIABOX project is open source, licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL). Idea, music samples and technology are licensed under CreativeCommons (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike).

MODULATION, Music Center / Art Gallery "Boris Hristov", Sofia, Bulgaria, 1 - 28 February 2006

Bogoridi Art Gallery,Bourgas 1 September 2005 - 30 October 2005

WebTech2005 conferance, Bulgaria, Sofia 22, 23 and 24 April 2005, NDK hall 11

SAP Labs - Sofia, Bulgaria 15 December 2004 - 15 January 2005

Linux-bg conference - French Culture Institute - Sofia, Bulgaria 05 December 2004 - 09 December 2004

"Forum-Festival Computer Music Space 2004" - 27 October 2004 - 1 November 2004:
The "MEDIABOX" project was presented at the music forum-festival "Electroacoustic Autumn - Sofia 2004" in "Union of bulgarian composers", Sofia, Bulgaria.

"The Global and the Man" exhibition organized by ArtContact/Post Bank and InterSpace,
as part of ArtContact cultural program of Post Bank, will take place from
8th to 19th September 2004 in the Theatre-laboratory "SFUMATO", 2 Dimitar
Grekov str, Sofia

MEDIABOX in the press :: E-areas bounding IT Innovation awards of eWeek BG and PC Magazine BG :: Open Source and Art :: 13 young artists about globalization

[Linux-bg conference]

Light IR sensors are being activated by the ray, emited by the headphones of the viewer and thus activating, to its part, the spots from the picture that are being looked at. Each move of the sight from one spot to another makes the sounds mix and create a different kind of music. Behind each spot is placed IR sensor connected to IR Multiplex Reciever device wich is connected to PC via LPT port. The IR Multiplex Reciever device transforms sensors signals into IDs and main program can recogniza wich spot is activated. After one spot is activated and Multiplex Reciever device send its ID, main program load and mix the corresponding sample from instrument`s sample bank. There is 25 active spots (sensors) behind the three pictures.The Instrumens are separated into three groups: background sounds (such as organ, sea and gramophone beats, percussions), harmony instruments (piano, strings, arfa) and solo instruments (kawal, trombone, strings,guitar). Each "instruments" has a sample bank between 5 and 20 samples. The main program picks random sample from that bank, when spot on the pictrue is activated, and mix it with other currently plaing "instruments". Each instrument`s sample is long between 15 sec. and 1 min., depeneds on its "role" and group. The generated music is completely depends on viewer activity.

lp_sensor - LPT port driver
by Daniel P. Bovet, Marco Cesati, Vincenzo Garofalo

mixplayd v0.60- mp3 mixer
by Siegfried Wagner

madplay v0.15b - mp3 player
by Robert Leslie

lp_sensor.c LPT Driver modification
mediabox main program
by A. Raijekov, N0ne

MEDIABOX description @ pdf
MEDIABOX video demo @ mediabox.avi [60 mb]
MEDIABOX presentation paper @ pdf, sxi
MEDIABOX audio samples @ zip (22Mb)
MEDIABOX video clip @ mpeg (32.99Mb)

[Headphones with IR ray]

 [IR sensors]

 [IR sensor]

 [IR Multiplex Reciever device]
 [Installing with Stefan Tzenev]
 [in action at "Global and Men" exhibition / Sfumato]

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